GS5’s intelligence research and analysis has bolstered the effectiveness and survivability of American Warfighters abroad—especially in their fight against IEDs.

GS5 experts satisfy the requirement for general open source and all-source analytical support; warfighter cultural analytical support; cultural training; and open source culturally focused analysis.

GS5 hires cultural subject matter experts who are native to and/or have active connections with their respective Areas of Focus.

We integrate a modeling and simulation (M&S) tool—Strategic Interplay Exploration (SIE)—to support detailed planning, execution, analysis, and decision-making.

GS5 provides Cyber Counter-IED analysis support to the American Warfighter.

Our SMEs provide trend analysis, tracking of selected key networks via OSINT and data enhancement via on-demand access to advanced software systems.


SIE system in operation

SIE system in operation


  • Multi-int Analysis (OSINT, All-Source, SIGINT)
  • Open Source & Cultural Research
  • Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) Analysis
  • BI2R Operations Support
  • C-IED tool training and POI
  • Global IED Database Management
  • Cyber/Cyber-C-IED Analysis
  • Un/classified conference support


  • Integration of cultural and foreign language aspects within intelligence products
  • Provide a variety of intelligence analysis products to RFS, ISR collection
  • Social Media Exploitation & Cyber Persona Development experience
  • Full video production capability
  • Computerized immersive simulation and war gaming capability
  • Expert knowledge of IEDs to include global hotspots and insurgent TTPs
  • Intelligence support to cyber/cyber-range operations

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OSINT Center of Excellence

In support of JIDO’s Counter-IED mission and the Open-Source Analysis and Augmentation Center (OSAAC).

GS5, LLC provides Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Cultural Intelligence fused analytical products and selected services for government, academic, and private-sector clients. GS5 managed and operated a unique immersive simulation capability that supports detailed planning, executive analysis, and decision-making, allowing an adaptive alternative analysis of complex issues.

GS5 supplies OSINT fused with Social Media Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence layers of regional and topic-focused projects spanning the globe for enhanced understanding and awareness. We use intelligence analysts with either native or indigenous-like understanding of cultural and anthropological issues at the regional and local level. They review both English and native-language open source material using nonattribution research systems equipped with misattribution technology. We also leverage subject matter experts (SMEs) with detailed working knowledge of key areas while conducting in-depth analysis of cultural, behavioral, social, technological, political, and economic trends. Our analyses provide relevant insight related to:

  • Fusion of finished and unfinished OSINT
  • Populace Perceptions &
  • General Anthropological Issues
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Threat Assessments & Mitigation Analysis
  • Terrorism & Counterterrorism
  • Physical & Non-Physical Networks
  • Counter-IED Operations
  • Value-Chain Research, Modeling, & Analysis

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We rapidly acquire and leverage academic, DoD, and commercial SMEs from a variety of fields.

The secure conference center possesses an A/V-equipped conference room able to host up to 30 participants.

Internet Analysis and Global IED Database

GS5 provides a unique blend of cyber skills, targeted research, and language abilities to access internet sources and rapidly fuse data into comprehensive, actionable intelligence products for the customer.

Our SMEs integrate foreign language and cultural/area expertise with advanced digital research skills, performing data mining across open sources and social media and geo-locating pertinent data sites, in order to provide analytic products focused on neutralizing IED networks around the globe. This analysis integrates with the Global IED Database, as an authoritative database that enables on-demand, user-defined access to fully vetted, de-conflicted and correlated IED incident data.